Saturday, 9 June 2018

Life Education Caravan

On Friday at the Life Education Caravan, we saw Harold the Giraffe again. We found out some more information about our brains and how we can look after them.

To look after our bodies we need to drink plenty of water, eat healthy food, breathe clean air, get plenty of sleep and exercise.


  1. It was so fun Harold the Giraffe was the funnest Giraffe. The lights changed it was blue their was stars at the top. Harold the Giraffe blew us some kisses and Room 17 tried to catch the kisses and put it in our pockets.

  2. I hope you enjoyed your visit to the Life Ed Van. I certainly have heard many wonderful, excited learning discussions around the visits.

  3. I remember going to the see Harold the giraffe. :D