Monday, 30 April 2018


Today we had some discussion and learning about the ratings of movies.
We learned that the colours on the labels are like the colours on the traffic lights. The M rating means that although anyone could see the movie, it is more suited to older viewers.

The classification office of New Zealand says:

"The M classification means the movie might contain violence, offensive language, drug use, sexual or adult themes or nudity that some kids and parents find challenging.
A lot of blockbusters based on books popular with the 10+ age group are classified M, including most of the Harry Potter movies, The Hobbit trilogy and The Hunger Games."
Here is a link to the Classification Office website for more information:

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  1. A good identification to know about! I think sometimes we expose our children at home to content that might not be appropriate and as parents we are potentially letting our kids know about things beyond their maturity and years. I hope the learners in Room 17, really take note of the classification of movies they watch in the future.