Sunday, 4 March 2018

Blackout Poetry

We wrote some poems in our class. 
We each had the same page of text, a newspaper article about plastic pollution. We circled the words from the text that we wanted to be in our poem, then blacked out all the other words. We were left with fabulous poems. Come to our class and read the poems in our library corner.

Plastic floating around
The world
Crashing in like waves

Too much plastic
To drive the bin

Sharing less plastic bags
In lives

More plastic is made
Now call on plastic
New Zealand

By Miranda

Plastic is like
horrifying  mountains  toppling

The humans have made plastic to choke on
People like a tidal wave

There have been mutterings about too much plastic
It’s mainly to ban single-use plastic bags has occupied the media.

By Olivia

Stuff floating around
mountains toppling into the sea 
Managing lives
Elements and variations in the east

More into the sea
Fish drinking
Tiny society adjustment

By Lockie


  1. What a cool idea resulting in some great poems.

  2. Excellent poems you wrote!

  3. What beautiful imagery you are painting in my mind with your words!