Monday, 19 February 2018

Maths Game

Today in Maths we played a game that helps us reinforce our number awareness and knowledge.
Here is a link to the page we used if you would like to print a copy to play at home. You don't need to print the page, have a look and draw your own rockets on paper at home.

2-Digit Rocket Game
The aim of the game is to fill every floor of the rocket with numbers in order.
If a player cannot place a number they have thrown, they miss that turn.
Players take turns to roll a dice twice. From the numbers thrown, the students decide which two digit number they will use.
For example, if five and three is thrown, the student could use 53 or 35.
The students then record the number on a level of the rocket where they think it best fits between 10 and 67.
Once a number is written it cannot be moved.


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